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Edgsons is a family run business established in 1978. Based in Hockley Essex we cover all surrounding areas.

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Insulating solid walls


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Flush Spotlights

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If your home was built before 1920, its external walls are likely to be solid rather than ‘cavity walls’, (walls are made of 2 layers with a small gap between them which acts as a barrier to reduce heat flow through the wall.) As solid walls does not have a gap more heat passes through them, twice as much heat can be lost through an un-insulated solid wall as through an un-insulated cavity wall.


We build a framework attached to the inside of the wall, then put rigid insulation between joists. Next plasterboards are fixed to the framework then plastered. The space lost inside the room is minimal.

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Did you know that around 45% of the heat lost in an un-insulated solid walled home is through the walls? Insulating your solid walls can reduce heat loss and can save you around £375 a year on your fuel bills.

Insulating Solid walls

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Interior and Exterior catered for using top quality materials.


Plastering in a carpeted room is not a problem, we have covers for all eventualities.

For re-skimming we always use a gritted compound underneath to ensure plaster lasts.

If walls are in a bad state of repair sometimes it is better to stick and plug plasterboards onto the walls, then plaster.



All patterns are catered for including comb designs, patterns on products page. We only use ARTEX products.

If you require a smooth surface we can flatten any pattern.

We supply and fit Gyproc cove and Fibrous cornice. Some of the samples in the products page

We can remove all walls including ones that need supporting with steel.We can arrange for a Structural Engineer and Council Building Regulations.We can build all types of walls Stud,Block,Brick , etc.

Artex Flattened


Interior Renovation: Walls removed


Flush Ceiling Spotlights

Enhance your ceiling with spotlights, fixed or tilt

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